UNODC Publications UNODC Publications

World Drug Report 2017

European Drug Report 2017 

EU Drug Markets Report 2016

EMCDDA Publications

Afghanistan, Opium Survey 2015 (Executive Summary)

Afghanistan, Opium Survey 2015, Cultivation and Production

Drug Money

Afghan Opiate Trafficking through the Southern Route 2015

CCP Annual Report 2015

The Illicit Drug Trade through South-Eastern Europe

Opiate Flows through Northern Afghanistan and Central Asia

Global Afghan Opium Trade Report 2011:

EMCDDA has launched its annual report for 2010:

2014 report on Drug situation in Georgia (prepared by Ministry of Internal Affairs)

2013 report on Drug situation in Georgia

New manual – Guidelines for testing HIV, viral hepatitis and other infections in injecting drug users.

Prison staff and Harm Reduction: a new training manual

The 2010 National Drug Control Strategy was developed by ONDCP with input from Federal, State, and local partners. It provides a collaborative and balanced approach that emphasizes community-based prevention, integration of evidence-based treatment into the healthcare system, innovations in the criminal justice system, and international partnerships to disrupt drug trafficking organizations

EU and the Drug Phenomenon – Frequently Asked Questions


Drugnet Europe

The Globalization of Crime: A Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment

Crime and Instability

Promoting Health, Security and Justice

Crime Prevention Assessment Tool

Addiction, Crime and Insurgency

Handbook on Effective police responses to violence against women

Handbook for prison managers and policymakers on Women and Imprisonment

ICSDP released its first report — Effect of Drug Law Enforcement on Drug-Related Violence: Evidence from a Scientific Review

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